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Bankruptcy Litigation

Are you receiving notices or just concerned about the bankruptcy of a person or company with whom you have been doing business?  Are you concerned that someone is trying to use the bankruptcy process to avoid paying you, or worse, to recover money or property that you have already received?   If so you should contact me immediately.

I have represented individuals, companies, landlords, officers, directors, family trusts, Chapter 11 debtors in possession, and Chapter 7 trustees in various bankruptcy litigation matters involving claims disputes, fraudulent transfers, preference actions, lease assumption/rejection matters, automatic stay relief litigation, etc.  In short, if it’s an issue that can drag you into someone else’s bankruptcy, I can help protect your rights to payment and minimize your exposure to lawsuits.

If you are getting notices from the bankruptcy court, you should not ignore them.  A notice from the bankruptcy court is not sent as an “FYI” or a courtesy.  If you have received one of these notices, it means that someone is using the bankruptcy process to alter your rights, and you may be able to do something about it.

Even if you haven’t yet received something from the bankruptcy court, but you have either:

(1) made a loan to,
(2) received a mortgage or repayment on a loan from,
(3) received any property from,
(4) been involved in a major transaction (like real estate) with, or
(5) been a landlord or tenant to

a person or company in (or contemplating) bankruptcy, you are at risk of being sued or otherwise deprived of what should be rightfully yours.  There may be strategies for mitigating or eliminating that risk, and you should consult an attorney as soon as possible.

If you have already received a demand or been sued in the bankruptcy court, you have defenses available to you.  Please give me a call right away so that I can assess your case and advise you as to how to proceed so that you can get out of the case with as little expense as possible.